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the PbeM Fantasy Strategy Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To what email address should I send the orders, times or rumors?

Q: Should I send orders, times or rumors in the body of the mail or as attachements?
A: Allways send orders, times and rumors in body! My scripts will not recognise any attachements. Attachements will get lost.

Q: Can I study and gate-jump from the nexus?
A: You can of course study anything in the nexus. But for gate-jumping you have to go to the Atlantis surface.

Q: Can I send orders, times and rumors with the correct leading lines in the same mail?
A: No, please send in orders, times and rumors in separated mails.

Q: Is WORK a default order if no other orders are given to a unit?
A: No, if you do not give any orders to a unit, it will go on holiday and just do nothing. So be sure to give porper orders to every unit.

Q: Does this game have apprentices?
A: No, no apprentices.

Q: Is this an open or close-ended game?
A: It is open ended.

Q: Can I withdraw standard-items?
A: No, only Silver can be claimed. Items have to be bought from sources on the world.

Q: Is there a reward for Times articles ? If so, how much ?
A: Yes, there is. Every article contributed to the Times will be rewarded with some amount of silver. Except very small "gimme monney" articles, who will produce no reward apart from some mocking of the editor :) .

Q: Could you rerun the turn because of the mishap I have experienced this turn?
A: No, no reruns whatsoever, if the turn is send out, it's valid.

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