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the PbeM Fantasy Strategy Game

The Atlantis Project Main Website of the Atlantis Project.

The Atlantis Developer Discussiongroup on Yahoo!Groups.

The Atlantis Advisor very comfortable GUI with many functions which will help maintaining your faction.

The Atlantis Cristal Ball created by Eckhard Gartz. It's a GUI to graphically display the Atlantis Report and easily create an Order File.

Atlantis Little Helper Cross-platform light-weight client, ascetic in design and functionality, but simple and handy.

Atlantibots automated Atlantis Assistants

German Atlantis PbeM Fanpage

PbM/PbeM Games Homepage includes a list of many different PbeM's lot's of additional informations about PbeM an austrian PbeM page. a german Mail- and eMail-Game page.

RPG Gateway with lot's of links to RPG's, PbeM's and more.

RPG Forum a german RPG Forum.

Game Wyrd a Roleplaying Community with lot's of links and resources.

Realms of the Arcane another Standard 4.0.10 game.

McLantis an Atlantis game based on the v5 engine.

Tarmellion a RPG-heavy version of Atlantis with many new features

Arindel a french Atlantis game

Muranien another fine strategy/fantasy PbeM Game (supporting english and german)

Barroks Tower a fine RPG Forum

LEO Deutsch-Englisch a german-english dictionary, an aid for all my german players.

If you have created an internetpage regarding this instance of Atlantis PbeM or any general information of the game and would like me to link your page here, feel free to contact me at with the url and a short description of the page.

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